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Bishop Dagwell participates in the dedication of the newly constructed Oregon State Capital building in 1938.

Photos of sisters from St. John Baptist that ran St. Helen's Hall from 1904 to 1946.

Back of photo includes the following text: Marilyn Bernstein, teacher, with materials from school's sister city, Sapparo, Japan. 1963.

St. Helen's Hall Alumna Betsy Johnson ('69) sits in the pilots seat of her helicopter on the OES field. Father Greenfield is in the copilot seat. Photo taken November 1978.

Construction proceeds on the third bell tower at the OES Nicol Road campus. This bell tower was designed by OES alumni Alexandra Zimmer ('76). The three pillars supporting the cross, the three sides of the base, and the three staircases represent theā€¦

Six St. Helen's Hall ski team members pose for a photo on the mountain. From left to right, photo includes: Karen Barner ('56), Cynthia Coats ('53), Jo Ann Gordon ('51), Shirley Smullin ('51), Iris Anne Holman ('53), JoAnn McDonald ('52)

Girls line up to receive punch at the St. Helen's Hall Old Girl/New Girl Tea out in front of the 13th and Hall campus on September 9th, 1954.

St. Helen's Hall alumna Betty Tubbs was a student in the 1930s. She was the Pendelton Roundup Princess in 1934. Her husband was Dr. Bill Tubbs.

The senior class of 1999 gets loud at the St. Nick chapel in the OES Gym.

OES students from the class of 2003 - including Marina Lawson, Tommy Bennet, and Sarah Exum - perform a blindfolded task on their freshman class trip to the coast.
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