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The item pictured is a bowling bag with a green front and back and a central zipper flanked in white. The front of the bag features in white type face "The Dagwell Falcons" with a falcon pictured in the middle separating "Dagwell" and "Falcon". Near…

A copy of a $500 scholorship given to W. S. Ladd in 1869 by St. Helen's Hall. It is signed by Bishop Morris.

This is a class photograph of the graduating St. Helen's Hall women, taken May 1889. The back of the photograph appears to have some notations, but it is very faint.

St. Helen's Hall alumna Betty Tubbs was a student in the 1930s. She was the Pendelton Roundup Princess in 1934. Her husband was Dr. Bill Tubbs.

St. Helen's Hall Lower School students paint pictures and climb on playground equipment in the 1940s. Names on the back of the photo are: Sharon Carter, Ancella Page, Barbara Metchan, Monta Willott, Jimmy Hendren, Joan Corbett, Laney Hymes, Donald…

Girls line up to receive punch at the St. Helen's Hall Old Girl/New Girl Tea out in front of the 13th and Hall campus on September 9th, 1954.

Students are gathered with Bishop Greenfield and Bishop Carmen as one of the bishops reads from a pamphlet. The back of the photograph identifies people in the group as: Gertrude Farris, student Carey Wong, Carl Reynolds, Bishop Greenfied, Bishop…

An aerial view of the newly constructed St. Helen's Hall campus in the Raleigh Hills neighborhood.

Several young men from Bishop Dagwell Hall stand to admire the campus construction. The back of the photograph identifies some of the men as: Richard Westlund ('69), Denny Crafton ('67), and Stafford Hazellett ('67).

A class photo of the 1966 St. Helen's Hall 7th graders.
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