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The item pictured is a heavy stone lithograph of the St. Helen's Hall diploma.

This image captures the large wooden St. Helen's Hall Preschool sign. In gold letters the sign states: "St. Helen's Hall Preschool - Episcopal".


Two St. Helen's Hall rings are pictured placed on a piece of cotton. The rings feature identical seals with a Latin inscription along the outer most edge of the seal. The middle of the seal features a gold cross within a gold crown with a blue…


The trophy pictured was won by Sally Reed in 1930. Etched on the metal trophy is the following: "St. Helen's Hall 1930 Singles. Won By Sally Reed".

The pendant pictured is composed of red and blue felt. Stitched length-wise across the pendant are the letters "SHH".

The pendant featured states: "The Hall St. Helen's Dagwell Falcons". The pendant is green with white type face and a falcon pictured in the middle of "St. Helen's" and "Dagwell".

The Oregon Episcopal School patch is in the shape of a shield. "Oregon Episcopal School" is embroidered at the top and "Founded in 1869" is embroidered at the bottom. The top banner of the shield features three gold flowers. The left central portion…


The item pictured is a replica of one of the St. Helen's Halls constructed out of Lego. The front of the building case features a plaque which states: "St. Helen's Hall, 1869. All girls private school. Now known as Oregon Episcopal School (Pre-K…


The dress pictured is a white cotton dress worn at a St. Helen's Hall graduation ceremony. The dress was owned by Elizabeth Blodgett Lord who graduated with the class of 1904. The first image is a full-length picture of the gown worn by a mannequin.…

The item pictured is a Bishop Dagwell Hall patch. The patch is in the shape of a circle with "Bishop Dagwell Hall Scientia Lux Mentis 1965" embroidered in a circle surrounding an internal image. The image featured is a snowcapped mountain that…


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